Niagara Falls Excursions from Toronto: How were the Falls Formed

Niagara Falls is a coveted tourist destination which has been popular since a long time. If you are planning to visit the magnificent falls then you should opt for Niagara Falls tours. You might also be intrigued to learn in detail about the formation of the natural wonder. Read more to get an idea about how the majestic Falls were created.

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Story of the Formation of Niagara Falls

The story of the formation of the Niagara Falls began 600 million years ago. The future area of the Great Lakes was at the center of a broad and shallow sea which occupied a major portion of North America. Below the water were the ancient Pre-Cambrian rocks of the Canadian Shield. For around 100 million years, wind, rain and lapping waves reduced the rocks to powder. The material collected in layers in the concave-shaped sea bottom. Soft sediments were deposited over the harder layer of Pre-Cambrian rock. The Niagara Falls tours ensure that the tourists enjoy their visit to the Falls.

What Changed the Landscape?

Suddenly the Earth witnessed violent shaking and the Appalachian Mountains were pushed forward.  The rivers followed a new flowing pattern and started carrying the mud in the west ward direction. Wherever the rivers merged, huge muddy deltas were formed and it spread over 600 kilometers. It took place in the east of present Lake Ontario to beyond the recent shore of Lake Huron. The mud was cemented by eons and it formed distinctive purple-red colored shale which was called the Queenston Formation and the sandy rocks of Niagara Gorge. The Niagara Falls tours help tourists to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Falls.   

The water which was present over the future site of the Falls were tropical in nature because North Central America was much closer to the equator than at present. In the warm sea, small creatures developed huge honeycombed reefs which looked like white and gray shoals amid the waves. After the coral reef makers expired, the churning of water demolished their homes and sent a shower of lime dust to the sea floor.

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When did the Reptiles Emerge?

The Lockport Dolomite which creates the caprock of the Niagara Escarpment comprises largely of the demolished coral reefs. By 300 million years ago the inland sea had been drained away. After 50 million years later, when the first reptiles were making their way to the planet, the great rivers created patterns on the soft and sandy rocks and harder layer of limestone. The random erosion created the basins for Lake Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie. You can visit these lakes by being a part of Niagara Falls tours.

When did Mammals Emerge?

The first warm-blooded mammals came from the primeval forests. The reptiles become more sophisticated and grew in size. The plants also evolved and flowers started blooming. During this time, Canada had been moving farther north slowly and a raft of granite and basalt floated upon a sea of magma. The continental drift created a natural force which would completely alter the landscape.     

During the last Ice Age, the Wisconsin Glacier expanded to a great extent and it wrapped a major portion of the country in a sheet of ice which was one and a half kilometer thick. You can witness the beauty of the popular Niagara Falls by being a part of Niagara Falls tours.

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